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Finninno Oy is a Finnish company whose core competence comprises innovative products for more cost-effective production of precast concrete sections, and production consultation for the concrete products industry.

Our product range includes mobile precast concrete factories, efficient moulds that reduce the production costs for the production of precast concrete sections, and auxiliary devices for the reinforcement shop. We offer cost-effective solutions for the production of high-quality precast concrete sections in all parts of the world.

Our roots go back to 1994, when we started our operations under the name Specifinn Oy in Kotka, Finland. Solid expertise in the marketing and manufacture of precast concrete sections together with the development of innovations and patented solutions have been our hallmarks since those days.

We operated in the Russian market under our subsidiary Eaglefinn Oy from 2005 to 2013. Specifinn Oy’s business was sold in 2007. Finninno Oy was established in 2013 to continue the work started by Specifinn Oy and Eaglefinn Oy.

Our company’s business idea is based on a strong will to develop, ability to develop, and customer focus. Today, we focus on the development, design, manufacture and delivery of various moulds, mobile precast concrete factories and other products and equipment that facilitate construction from precast concrete sections.

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Finninno Oy
Kanahaukantie 10, FI-49220 Siltakylä
fax +358 5 215 080

Heikki Pakisjärvi
+358 44 771 2301 /

Gavin Cruickshank
+358 50 3734210 /

Olga Oksanen
+7911 7793158 (Venäjä) / +358 40 744 1181 (Suomi)

Planix Group Oy / Harri Laitinen
+358 40 9000 560 /

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