Finninno elevator shaft mold

Produce 3 precast concrete elevator shaft sections in just 16 hours

High production value

Sections in 16 hours
Sections in one month
Sections in one year!

Finninno elevator shaft mold can be used in precast concrete factories and at construction sites and building sites. Finninno elevator shaft mold is built for cost-effective high-volume precast section production. It can be used as an elevator shaft mold and even as a bathroom mold.

Inner mold, product on the concreting base and outer mold. The height of the mold is normally about 3 meters, according to the floor height and customer’s needs. The width and depth of the mold will be produced according to the customer’s needs, maximum 4 meters per side.

Finninno elevator shaft mold reduces unnecessary stages at precast concrete factories and construction sites.

Used widely in construction projects in Finland and Russia

Finninno elevator shaft molds are used in several precast concrete factories, building companies and construction sites in Finland and Russia. The high-quality molds are produced in Kotka, Finland. Finninno started producing the molds in 2002.

Produce more apartment buildings in less time – and make profit quickly

With Finninno elevator shaft mold you can make

  • 3 precast elevator sections in 16 hours*
  • 90 sections in one month
  • 1000 sections in one year!

* Labor cost: you need six hours to produce one section.

You start making profit after producing 150 sections. In a housing project of 1000 apartments it is really profitable to invest in Finninno elevator shaft mold – even if you only use it in that one construction project! Notice also the possibility to use a Finninno mold as a bathroom mold.

How much do you want to produce? Realize how profitable investment the mold is!

Our pricing starts from 55,000 €. Get things started by counting how many sections you want to produce.

You will realize that the product will pay itself back in a moment. Of course you need to produce to pay the investment back, but with Finninno elevator shaft mold production is so easy that it will not be a problem to you!

Use as a bathroom mold – build bathroom and toilet facilities with the same technology.

The Finninno mold technology is also available for the production of bathroom and toilet facilities in block of flats and apartment buildings.

You can build the bathrooms and toilets either in one section – or in two sections, when bathrooms are in one section and toilets in another. In that case, there is one outer mold and two inner molds inside the outer mold.

Work stages at the prefabricate section factory or construction site.

Producing 3 precast concrete sections just in 16 hours – here we go!

  • The shafts that attach the mold blocks of the outer mold to each other are raised about 200 mm, after which the mold will be lifted.
  • The precast concrete elevator shaft section, which has the longest concrete curing time, is moved to the storage from the concreting base. The concrete curing time is about 12 hours. If more time is needed, you should purchase and install a third concreting base, and then the concrete curing time is 22 hours.
  • The shafts that attach the mold blocks of the inner mold to each other are raised about 200 mm after which the mold will be lifted and moved to the vacant concreting base. Then the shafts are pressed to the lower position.
  • The precast section remains on the concreting base.
  • Steel reinforcement (made elsewhere) is lifted around the inner mold.
  • The outer mold is lifted around the inner mold. The shafts that attach the mold blocks to each other are pressed to the lower position.
  • Concreting and concrete curing (curing time 5 hours).

You do not need to lift the section – you only lift the mold!

An example of a normal working day (2 working shifts, 8 hours per shift)

The production line in this example consists of one inner and outer mold, two concreting bases and two doorways (or one doorway).

06.00-08.00 You work as described above. Concreting ends at 08.00.

08.00-13.00 Curing time and time to make reinforcement for the next precast section.

13.00-15.00 You work as described above. The 2nd shift starts working at 14.00. Concreting ends at 15.00.

15.00-20.00 Curing time and time to make reinforcement for the next precast section, and for the first precast section the next morning between 06.00 and 08.00.

20.00-22.00 You work as described above. Concreting ends at 22.00.

More benefits of using Finninno elevator shaft mold

  1. Effective serial production
    Serial production with high-quality Finninno elevator shaft mold accelerates the construction of prefabricated buildings
  2. Only one element
    No more 4 different pieces to fix together – less tools, machines and working time!
  3. Easy work for elevator installers
    Precisely measured, ready elevator shaft makes the work easy for elevator installers. No more fixing and demolition – more savings in time, resources and money!
  4. Clean job site
    More room to work, smaller risk of accidents.
  5. Fluent construction project, better timetables
    Keep and exceed your promises. Increased productivity will impress your clients!

Elevator mold starting from 50 000€

Finninno elevator shaft molds are used in several precast section factories, building companies, building sites and construction sites in Finland (for example Mikkelin Betoni and Parma Oy) and in Russia (DSK Block in St.Petersburg and Magnitostroy/UMiT in Magnitogorsk). The mold can be used to build elevator shafts in apartment buildings – and also as a bathroom mold.