Finninno Mobile Precast Concrete Factory

Excellent solution for residential construction in metropolitan suburban areas


Savings in costs and guaranteed supply security of precast concrete sections

We also deliver entire mobile precast concrete factories to construction sites. A mobile precast concrete factory that can be transferred from one site to another is an excellent solution for the building of new residential areas in the suburbs of large cities, with the scope of the construction project being at least 1,000 new housing units.

Maximum efficiency for construction

Finninno mobile precast concrete factory gives the customer maximum benefit in residential construction projects with the following structural solution:

  • intermediate floors and associated balconies are concreted at the site
  • load-bearing partition walls, staircases and elevator shafts are made from precast concrete sections
  • facades are made from precast inner envelope sections
  • plinths are delivered as precast plinth sections.

In this case, the residential construction project is practically self-sufficient in terms of precast concrete sections.


1. Planned costs of manufacture of precast concrete sections are fulfilled

The manufacturing costs of the precast concrete sections remain within the budget despite business fluctuations.

2. Quality of precast concrete sections

Precast concrete sections manufactured by the builder using the new molds ensure that the planned quality level is reached.

3. Location of factory

Logistics and the delivery schedules of the precast concrete sections stay well under control when the factory is located close to the construction site.

4. Delivery reliability of precast concrete sections

When the manufacture of the precast concrete sections is in your own hands, this contributes to the progress of the construction project on schedule.

5. Transferability of factory

The factory with its production equipment can be transferred easily and quickly to the vicinity of a new project.


The supply of the Finninno mobile precast concrete factory includes thorough production consultation. In this way, the customer can launch production more easily.

Content of production consultation

  • Location of production facility on the plot of the construction project
  • Precise layout plan of production facility
  • Plans for the concrete foundation sections of production facility
  • Installation supervision of facility
  • Installation supervision of molds and overhead cranes
  • Precise procurement lists of the molds, machines, equipment and tools needed in production
  • Manufacturing plans conforming to EU standards concerning equipment that the customer acquires from local subcontractors
  • HVAC plans in accordance with EU standards
  • Personnel plan
  • Training of personnel
  • Specification of properties of the concrete mix used
  • Concreting instructions

See a video of the erection and operation of a mobile precast concrete factory.


We designed and delivered a Finninno mobile precast concrete factory to the Moscow area in 2013 for the manufacture of precast concrete sections in a construction project. The project comprised the construction of about 2,000 housing units.

The architectural, structural and prefabricated section design of the project was carried out by Arkkitehtisuunnittelu Jukka Tikkanen Ltd. The developer’s building contractor was Lemminkäinen Corporation.

Meetings between the contractor, the architectural office and Finninno combined the expertise of each party in order to achieve the best possible outcome. This type of comprehensive design and project management contributes significantly to the success of the construction project and brings maximum benefit to the developer.

Scope of delivery

The mobile precast concrete factory designed and delivered by Finninno in the Moscow area included the following:

  • production facility of 23 m x 86 m
  • three 10-tonne overhead cranes
  • two-sided battery mold with 20 shells
  • two-sided staircase mold
  • production consultation.

This precast concrete factory can produce:

  • load-bearing partition walls for 2,000 housing units per year
  • or load-bearing partition walls + precast inner envelopes for 1,300 housing units per year.

The annual production capacity of the factory is approx. 100,000 m2 of wall sections. In cubic metres, this is approx. 16,000 m3 of concrete.

A production facility of this size could also have accommodated two table molds (4 m x 10 m) or one table mold and one elevator shaft mold.

Personnel and wage costs

There are about 320 work days in Russia in a year. The work teams have two days of work and two days off. The length of the work day is 12 hours.

Foremen 2

Supervisor 1

Factory Manager 1

Assistant 1

Direct labor costs of precast concrete production

The production capacity in one work shift of 12 hours is approx. 330 m2 of wall sections. In cubic metres, this is approx. 53 m3 of concrete.

Basis for total cost estimate, case Moscow

1. Acquisition costs in Finland include:

  • production facility, dimensions 86 m x 23 m
  • three 10-tonne overhead cranes
  • two-sided battery mold with 20 shells, max. dimensions or precast section 8 m x 3 m
  • production consultation

2. Other production machines and equipment (the customer acquired these on the basis of the supplier’s plans)

3. Customs clearance costs

  • facility approx. 15 – 20%
  • other production line

4. Transport costs (1,500 km), 20 loads (20 tonnes)

5. Foundation work, asphalting and foundation sections for mobile factory

6. Installation of production facility, overhead cranes and molds

7. HVAC work

8. Training (approx. 30 work days)


Total cost of mobile precast concrete factory

The total cost varies depending on the contents of the delivery. The customer rents the necessary tower crane, heating plant and generator.

Contact us for further information

Contact us – we will be happy to tell you more about the Finninno mobile precast concrete factory, and we will draw up a cost estimate on the basis of the desired factory and transport distance.

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