Finninno Mobile Precast Concrete Factory

The Mobile Precast Concrete Factory offers maximum benefits for the construction of new residential areas

We deliver entire mobile precast concrete factories to construction sites. A mobile precast concrete factory that can be transferred from one site to another is an excellent solution for the building of new residential areas, with the scope of the construction project being at least 1,000 new housing units. The precast concrete sections for such a residential construction project can be produced practically self-sufficiently.

Finninno Mobile Precast Concrete Factory gives the customer maximum benefit in residential construction projects with the following structural solution:

  • intermediate floors and associated balconies are concreted at the site (this type of balcony structure is commonly used for example in Russia)
  • load-bearing partition walls, staircases and elevator shafts are made from precast concrete sections
  • facades are made from precast inner envelope sections
  • plinths are delivered as precast plinth sections.

This is how a Mobile Precast Concrete Factory saves time and costs without making compromises with quality.

1. Budgeted costs of manufacture of precast concrete sections are kept under control

The manufacturing costs of the precast concrete sections remain within the budget despite business fluctuations. This translates into better cost control.

2. Uniform quality of precast sections

Precast concrete sections manufactured by the builder using the new moulds ensure that the planned quality level is reached.

3. Close location of factory

Logistics and the delivery schedules of the precast concrete sections stay well under control when the factory is located close to the construction site. Savings can be reached in transportation costs when there are no long transport distances and the precast sections can be taken quickly to the desired location.

4. Good delivery reliability of precast concrete sections

When the manufacture of the precast concrete sections is in your own hands, this contributes to the progress of the construction project on schedule and avoids unnecessary waiting times.

5. Factory is quickly in use at the following location

The factory with all its production equipment can be transferred easily and quickly to the vicinity of a new project. The same factory can be re-used at the next site.

6. Savings in logistics costs

The precast concrete sections are manufactured in the immediate vicinity of the construction site, which gives savings in logistics costs, and the potential poor condition of the surrounding road network does not cause problems.

Thorough Production Consultation

The supply of the Finninno Mobile Precast Concrete Factory always includes thorough production consultation. This enables quicker starting of production.

See a video of the erection and operation of a mobile precast concrete factory.

Content of production consultation

  • Location of production facility on the plot of the construction project
  • Precise layout plan of production facility
  • Plans for the concrete foundation sections of production facility
  • Installation supervision of facility
  • Installation supervision of moulds and overhead cranes
  • Precise procurement lists of the machines and tools needed in production, procured by the customer from local suppliers
  • Finninno Oy’s manufacturing plans conforming to EU standards concerning equipment that the customer acquires from local subcontractors for the factory
  • HVAC plans in accordance with EU standards
  • Personnel plan
  • Training of personnel
  • Specification of properties of the concrete mix used
  • Concreting instructions.

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