Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Aiming to increase the efficiency of your current precast concrete section production?

We provide practical solutions and plans that can be used for intensifying existing precast section production, develop the operation and increase productivity comprehensively.

We design and supply various types of moulds for more efficient fabrication of precast concrete sections. These include tilt moulds, elevator shaft moulds, bathroom moulds, battery moulds, pile moulds and special moulds such as retaining wall moulds. Our elevator shaft moulds are already used by several precast concrete section factories, construction companies and building sites both in Finland and Russia.

Technology Transfer Package

We offer to transfer our knowledge, technology and know-how to your company – which will give you the capabilities to manufacture concrete element steel moulds for your customers.

Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Elevator shaft sections with extreme dimensional accuracy enable easy installation and faster work steps, and ensure that construction work at the site is sure to run smoothly.

Precast Concrete Section Moulds

High-quality support walls and partition walls, which can be equipped with water-circulating heating piping, enable fast and efficient precast section production.

Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Tailor-made, strong-framed tilt moulds enable the efficient manufacture of diverse precast concrete sections.

Precast Concrete Section Moulds

The pile mould speeds up the production of concrete piles.

Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Inexpensive system that reduces the amount of wood waste significantly.


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