FINNINNO OY Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Finninno Battery Mould

High-quality support walls and partition walls, which can be equipped with water-circulating heating piping, enable fast and efficient precast section production.

Finninno Battery Mould is a durable solution for the production of concrete partition wall sections and inner envelope sections by way of vertical concreting.

The structure in the support walls and intermediate walls of our battery mould is so rigid that the concreting cells can be cast full one at a time. This expedites the concreting of the battery mould considerably and increases production efficiency. We manufacture all battery moulds according to the customer’s needs and wishes, either as one-sided or two-sided moulds.

Battery mould with easily-maintained heating piping

If necessary, we can supply the battery mould with heating tubes that use hot water circulation. This accelerates the strength development of the precast concrete sections. The tubes can also be installed afterwards. Thanks to the innovative mould design we have devised, the heating tubes can be maintained very easily.


One-sided battery mould with 7 cells. The maximum height of the precast partition wall sections is 3 metres and maximum length 8 metres.

Strong and high-quality Finninno battery mould

  • the mould is manufactured with one or two sides
  • number of casting cells tailored according to the customer’s wishes
  • mould surface of 8 mm thick steel plate
  • fixed and movable support walls and movable intermediate walls
  • the casting cells are equipped with end closures and steplessly adjustable bottom closures
  • the moulds can be provided with easily-maintained heating tubes that use hot water circulation, built inside the intermediate walls and support walls
  • reinforced wall structure, edge hinges and bottom edge adjustment screws
  • tensioning cylinders and pull bars
  • equipped with a hydraulic unit, and hydraulic piping, hoses and connectors mounted in the mould
  • contains the base beams, transfer rails and transfer keys
  • railings, work platforms and stairs are included in the delivery
  • the battery can be vibrated by a poker vibrator.

Efficient precast concrete section construction with the battery mould

  • expedites concreting and increases production efficiency
    • concreting cells can be cast full one at a time
  • can be equipped with water-circulating heating piping
  • durable solution that can be tailored to the customer’s specifications.

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