FINNINNO OY Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Finninno Technology Transfer Package

Finninno Technology Transfer Package offers to transfer our knowledge, technology and know-how to your company

Finninno Technology Transfer Package offers you to transfer our knowledge - which will give you the capabilities to manufacture concrete element steel moulds for your customers.

Technology Transfer of Lift shaft molds, Battery molds and Table molds

Lift shaft mold - table of content

  1. Production facilities and equipment
  2. General description of the production line for elevator shaft molds
  3. Mold plates
  4. Manufacture of base plate
  5. Cover plate
  6. Assembly of shafts
  7. Stairs
  8. Locking pin lifter
  9. Concreting guard plates for shafts
  10. Manufacture of inner mold sections
  11. Manufacture of outer mold sections
  12. Assembly of elevator shaft mold
  13. Packing of mold for transport

Battery mold - table of content

  1. Production facilities and equipment
  2. Manufacture of mold plates
  3. Intermediate walls
  4. Support walls
  5. Heating
  6. Edges
  7. Pull bars
  8. Transfer rails
  9. Transfer wheels
  10. Work platforms, railing and stairs
  11. Hydraulics

Table mold - table of content

  1. Production facilities and equipment for table molds
  2. Manufacture and surface plate
    2.1. Alternative method / Manufacture of surface plate
  3. Manufacture of frame of table molds
  4. Joining of frame of table mold to surface plate
  5. Installation of base beams and hydraulic cylinders
  6. Installation of edges and tilt steel section
  7. Inspection of quality of completed table mold
  8. Painting of table mold
  9. Installation of vibration cylinders and hydraulics
  10. Touch-up painting and other finishing work

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