FINNINNO OY Precast Concrete Section Moulds

Finninno Tilt Mould

Tailor-made, strong-framed tilt moulds enable the efficient manufacture of diverse precast concrete sections.

Finninno Tilt Mould is an efficient and versatile mould solution that can be used for manufacturing a wide range of conventional concrete sections, such as sandwich and partition wall sections. The tilt mould can also be used to economically manufacture beam and pillar sections using Finninno’s Edge Mould system. The special features required by the manufacturing process of the precast concrete sections and the flexibility of manufacture have been taken into account in the moulds, and they are always implemented according to the customer’s dimensions and with the primer and top coat colour specified by the customer.

Tilt mould with strong frame

The tilt moulds are equipped with hydraulic tilt cylinders and steplessly adjustable hydraulic vibrators. The moulds are equipped with heating if necessary.


Finninno Tilt Mould

Mould structure

  • the mould surface is of 8 - 10 mm thick steel plate according to the customer’s choice
  • the flatness of the mould surface is 4 mm over the entire area, and on a circular area with a diameter of 1.5 m flatness is 1 mm
  • supplied with anti-corrosion coating.


  • strong and torsionally rigid structural hollow section frame


  • adjustable steel edges with sides according to the customer’s wishes
  • tilt steel section.

Versatile precast concrete section production

  • efficient and versatile mould for the production of precast concrete sections
  • can be customised according to customer needs
  • strong frame and durable.

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