Innovative solutions for increasingly profitable production of precast concrete sections, backed up by more than 30 years of experience

Finninno’s innovative moulds and other products speed up and facilitate the production of precast concrete sections and make the production of sections more productive.

The mobile precast concrete factory enables smooth and cost-effective construction in large projects where it is not profitable to transport the sections. Our delivery usually includes the layout for effective and comprehensive precast section production, from the material warehouse to an outdoor warehouse of precast concrete sections and of course all the moulds and equipment needed in the production.

Mobile Precast Concrete Factory

An excellent solution for efficient housing construction in suburban areas. The solution achieves goods flows that are logistically highly efficient.

Moulds for the manufacture of precast concrete sections

Elevator shaft moulds, battery moulds, tilt moulds, pile moulds, retaining wall moulds and special moulds for the manufacture of precast sections.

Mould Manufacturing Technology Transfer Business Package

We offer to transfer our knowledge, technology and know-how to your company - which will give you the capabilities to manufacture concrete element steel mould for your customers.

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